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Try Baywares online Text Search and Replace application which allows you to bulk revise the Item Description, Seller's Payment Instructions, and Return Policy and Handling in your eBay auctions and store listings.  This works the same as if you are performing text search and replace in your
ebay auction template using an HTML or text editor.

Baywares Bulk Description Reviser is certified
by eBay as an eBay Compatible Application.

Every eBay PowerSeller knows how long and painful it is to use the eBay 'Revise your item' page. Now, you never have to manually edit simple text phrases in your eBay Item Description the old-fashioned way again.

This tool will save you hours, even days of work to revise or remove unwanted text from your eBay listings. With the latest release of our Bulk Reviser Version, you can now add/update Return Policy and Handling Time to all your active listings with the click of a button.

Bulk edit, remove or add new text phrases to your listings
Bulk add/update your Return Policy and Handling time
Bulk Revise Seller's Payment Instructions
Bulk Revise Return Policy Details
FREE download of the Evaluation Version
FREE use of our online Description Reviser

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How do I remove a text string from my listing?
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Overview of how a Text Search and Replace application works 
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