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Cannot find a text string in your eBay listing?


There are many reasons why a Text Search & Replace program cannot find a text string in an html document. Keep in mind that your eBay item description is an HTML page, full of HTML tags and white spaces.

In order for any Text Search & Replace program to find a text string, the text string searched must be an exact match of what's in the document.  

Let's look at an example in the 'Payment' section where we are trying to find the text string 'Money Order & cashier checks'

The above is what you might see displayed on your internet browser. The actual source code in this HTML page could be a little different.

One quick look at the source from the description page shows that the actual text string in this HTML page has this text string:

To find and replace an HTML text string you must enter the exact string that is found in your HTML auction template. In this case you must enter into the 'Find What' field the following string:

For the 'Replace with' field, you can enter your text string in regular format or HTML format. If you are not familiar with HTML tags, we suggest you keep all the HTML tags and only replace the regular text.

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