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An overview of how Text Search and Replace works with HTML pages


Understanding how BayWares text Search and Replace works will help you be successful in using this tool to revise text, a keyword or phrases in your eBay item listings.

To find a piece of text inside an eBay listing, simply type in the text you are looking for on the Search page in Baywares Item Description Reviser. Our application treats all the content in text files equally. If you search for the word "table" through the HTML files of your eBay listing, the application will find the first occurrence of the word table wherever it appears inside the text of your item listing. This could be the HTML tag '< TABLE ID="Table2" >', tag that you (or your visual HTML editor) used to place tables on your page.

This means that with a search-and-replace, you cannot only modify the content of your web site, but also its formatting and structure. On a web page, < B >text is bold text, and < I >text< /I > is italic text. You can make all bold text italic by searching for the regular expression < B >(.*?)< /B > and replacing it with < I >\1< /I >.

NOTE: Our on-line text Search and Replace application has a limit between 10 to 150 characters for the 'Find What' text search field. All text used in search must be on the same line.

For multi-line edit, please download and try our desktop evaluation version.

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