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Some Testimonials Received

Used this for several years - Could NOT Do Without It!
We do some quirky things with our html coded listings from time to time. Then Ebay changes their rules or something and we have to edit the text and code in all our listings. There's just no way we could do it without this software. I don't know of anything other than this that allows you to find and replace like Baywares Bulk Description Reviser does!


Baywares is a reliable and accurate company.
We work with Joe from Baywares, and he is always prompt, efficient and trust-worthy. He produces excellent work, and the program he ran to revise in bulk has proven to be accurate and fast. We highly recommend Joe and Baywares.


Fantastic service.
This efficient, well-supported solution is the bridge between eBay's lack of awareness and getting in trouble. Each year when eBay roles out a policy change and guys like me with thousands of fixed price, good-til-cancelled listings are forced to try and figure out how to edit all of them Baywares is the answer.


Awesome Solution!
This software solution is the best of the best for eBay sellers. Making changes to our live listings is quick and painless. Saved me lots of time. Wished I've found it earlier. Baywares support very knowledgeable about eBay auctions and is a tremendous help. Thank you..thank you. A+++++++++++++++


Superb Product A Must For Every Professional Seller A+
The best customer support on the internet. Important product, a life saver for all sellers offering multiple items. The customer support was instant and extremely professional. The BEST this seller has experienced from any company. Your customer support is the ULTIMATE ! AAAAA+++++ The highest rating is well deserved for this wonderful product and uncomparable customer support. This customer is very satisfied.

Michael Newman, President and CEO,

Best product and customer service ever!
I am so happy we decide to use your services. Not only I was able to edit my listings to comply with eBay requirements but also I can edit my listings to make them stand out and add or remove seasonal messages for my customers. This is a tool any eBay seller with multiple listings should have. The customer service is very professional and works hard to adapt the software to your needs. Thank you so much, you made running my business a lot easier!

Ileana at Outfits-4-U

Really great utility and fabulous customer service
Time and Life Server!! I wish I had known of this program a long time ago. I could have saved tons of time with multiple adjustments I did to previous templates and time is $$$$.


Terrific company knows what they are doing - & F-A-S-T
We are forced into compliance with eBay's new policies and have 1200 manually written listings. Hired Baywares to take care of the entire project for us as we do not have the software nor the ability to accomplish this arduous task. LIGHTNING FAST replies to e-mails; entire project completed in less than 24 hours. TRUST BAYWARES.COM

Howard, direct

Baywares is the best!
fast in every way easy to use instant customer support cheap! and fixed all my listings for the ebay changes in a heartbeat what a lifesaver!

Joyce, jdbok

Baywares Bulk Description Reviser - Does what it claims
An excellent piece of software that enabled us to quickly become compliant with Ebays changes. Would recommend to anyone who needs to edit mass listings quickly. The customer service was top quality.

Mark, classic-quality-collectables

This software is a lifesaver! It was able to edit all my listings' descriptions within seconds and saved me countless hours of having to edit each individual description. This software is a steal of a deal and I recommend it to all sellers, totally worth every penny for the time I saved! An ingenious software that will go along way on this ebay market for small sellers to super powersellers! THANK YOU BAYWARES! You guys are awesome!

Joe, PhotoOutlet

Just wanted to let you know that your Bulk Description Reviser program is the simplest to use. I installed it and ran it for the first time, and it worked perfectly. as an eBay PowerSeller with more than 10,000 items in my store, there is no other way for me to revise all my items this quckly without this program.

Thank you for the quick turnaround in answering all my questions.

Richard, 3acp

Simply awesome! I'm using it almost everyday since I installed it and don't know how I've gone this long without it.


Thanks for all your assistance to get me up and running with the desktop application! This is an absolutely marvelous program, saving me the time (and "occasional" frustration) of manually editing my listings. This is far more better than any tools I've used for my auctions on eBay


After searching the internet for a way to bulk edit all my item descriptions, I've found this. With the simple text search and replace feature and quick turnaround support, this is by far the best software application for eBay sellers on the market. I was up and running within minutes after installation. Simply awesome!

Shaw, superdiscountbridal

Thank you for such a perfect piece of software work! This has been the biggest single market advantage additive to my business in the past decade.


I am using your software for the first time today, and am already impressed.


Oh my gosh, you are just the BEST!! This is perfect. I was so worry when eBay implemented their no money order, no checks policy but this program took care of that easily. Thank you so very much, you guys have the BEST Customer Service I have ever experienced!!


Let me say that I absolutely love your Bulk Description Reviser. You make my ebay life much more simpler.

Martin, FieryGems

I love the program and wish I had discovered it long ago.


We really enjoy your app it makes revising those auctions sooooo easy.


I am still amazed at how awesome this program is! I added a new text phrase to all my listings in minutes versus what I can normally do with eBay editing or Turblo Lister in hours.


I was a little skeptical about using your software at first, I shouldn't have been. I have used it for a few weeks now and it is an exceptional piece of software. Thank you!


It is exactly as described, a bulk text search and replace program but for eBay auctions. I never thought this is possible.

Tom, Petsnatic

you've developed a great software program and I hope you do very well with it. It's brilliant!



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